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This Community Works Better Than Others Do!

A bold statement? Maybe, but give us a chance to explain. If you're anything like us, you know how frustrating it can be trying to find useful information in an online community. That's why we set out to build something different. Let us show you how we have flipped the model and will continue to set ourselves apart.

We all want more value - not more noise

Everyone knows the Internet has the potential to provide answers to all kinds of questions. But too often, tracking down the right information means wasting time and energy sifting through all the noise to get to what you're looking for. It can be quite discouraging when you know the answer is out there but you just can't seem to put your mouse on it. Finding information is easy; finding the right information - quickly - is usually much harder. Or at least it has been. We're working hard to change all that. How? By separating the valuable information from the noise.

Say "Goodbye" to old school websites...

Sustaining a thriving online community can be a real challenge. As more people join the community and as more information is added to the mix, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the good stuff. After time, the community's own success begins to negatively impact the user's experience and the site practically collapses under its own weight, no longer providing the same value that helped bring succeed in the beginning.

The sad truth is that the more popular these websites become, the less valuable they are to the people who use them!

But why? We think these websites were built on a flawed model. First-generation community websites are typically limited to a few, crude mechanisms for deciding what content to display to visitors. For example, if you visit your average forum site, you are typically presented with the most recent posts or with threads that have lots of views. While presenting information in this way can be useful, it often has little to do with deciding what content is actually the most valuable ... so it just becomes more noise to sift through.

...and "Hello!" to a better value proposition

The time has come to introduce a new set of tools for building community websites. We at Capable Networks have set out to do just that. Our Community Platform takes an entirely different approach, one that is uniquely focused on providing the most valuable information to its visitors. Our websites are powered by Intelligent Scoring, our own invention that continually works behind the scenes to deliver the best content from the most credible sources in the community.

Our vision is to create community websites that become more valuable as they grow ... not less.

You can already see the effects of our Scoring Engine on this and other websites in our community network. As an alternative to arranging information by date or number of posts, for example, we use the power of Intelligent Scoring to present the site's most valuable results first. Now, for any list of items, you are one click away from resorting that list by score to bring the good stuff right to the top - it's that simple!

What do we mean by "value"?

The answer is really, "whatever is valuable to you". When you're using the web to find answers, you don't just want information - you want the right information. The difference is really how much value you place on the results of your search. And, if you were to read through every article, tip, and discussion thread on the site, you would certainly be able to tell what you thought was valuable or not, right?

Well, who has time to sift through all the information on this site? We do! We've been doing it on this site since day one. And we're doing it right now, while you are reading this page! We've recruited an army of volunteers to help us with this challenge - and they probably don't even know it.

We have already welcomed thousands of visitors just like you to our community, and will likely see many, many more in the months to come. These are our volunteers. We can use the decisions made by every person who has come before you to determine what is truly the most valuable information in the community. For example, if thousands of visitors have already decided that an article was worth reading, then it stands to reason that you might find it valuable as well. So during your visit, that article will show up at the top of the list! That would certainly make it easier to find.

But that's simple, right? It sounds like what everyone else is doing. Well, not quite...

Knowing what's "valuable" is much more than counting

Our Community Platform uses patent-pending technology that continuously observes and responds to the actions and interactions of every visitor to the community. Each time a user contributes a comment to a forum thread, or reads an article, or rates an item, or refers a friend, or any of a hundred other such activities, the CVE is calculating. The Engine interprets each of these actions and makes decisions accordingly. This information, though lost on most sites, can be key to understanding what is and is not valuable.

In effect, your experience is enhanced by everyone who has come before you - and your actions will have a similar impact on those that come after you.

Learn More

We will be updating this page and the site over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned...

- The Community team at Capable Networks - More Value, Less Noise, Every Day


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