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" For years, softwareceo.comhas provided us with resources that have helped Print Audit become the number one print management company in the industry."

" Phenomenally rich resource for Software Executives. This site has saved me countless hours of research...and saved me from some bad decisions!"

"As a serial entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of a SaaS start-up I have found the facts and figures really helpful in business modeling and the insights on making SaaS work have more than justified my subscription. This site gives the real insiders view of building value and succeeding in software."

“Software CEO has hit a sweetspot for me. As a bootstrapped company, I rely on good people and timely information to keep the business growing at triple digits every year. softwareceo.comhas provided some great resources as we faced different growth challenges. From Operations and HR issues to Sales and Marketing, I have found some valuable and meaningful content or templates on your site. I have posted forum topics on some critical issues we face and have gotten more than a dozen direct and immediate replies. We don't have time to study topics to death before we make decisions, so this timeliness and quality has been helpful.”

"Your website is simply excellent, and an invaluable resource for those of us in this marketspace."

"There are not many websites that stick to me nowadays, but yours is one! My co-developer passed on the link to me, and I can see we'll come back to you many times for advice and things to think about. Thanks for great insight on how we can improve as a company."

"Just wanted to let you know how much value I have received from your website. I wish I knew about you earlier. I have been in the software business for seven years and have not seen anything nearly as useful as your site. I highly recommend that you increase your marketing activities to promote your offering."

"It's nice to be able to finally post; I've been lurking here for a year and have found the advice to be priceless. We've exhibited at our first trade conference and the market is going crazy with our product. Better than we ever thought or originally planned. So, thank you to all of you who have been sharing advice the past year — now I can give a little back."

"This is by far the most valuable resource on the web that I've run across."

" softwareceo.comhas always been a fantastic resource for Print Audit to find best practices in the software industry," John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit. "The featured companies have always been a huge inspiration to me and I am incredibly honored to have Print Audit

"I've truly enjoyed SoftwareCEO. Thanks for creating such a valuable industry resource!"

"For the past few months, I have been reading the advice of the many of the brilliant members here at this forum, and the information you guys provide has really help me and my company come up with new ways of promoting and selling our software."

"I get a lot of value from your site."

"Congratulations on a wonderful service and information resource. I learn something valuable from softwareceo.comevery week."

"I enjoy your Web site immensely, as it has so much to offer and educate those of us starting out in the software biz. I always try to pass on your site to friends in the business who haven't heard of you yet. Keep up the good work!"

"Love the site. We're using the forums as our virtual Board of Advisors and it's already helped us make more informed decisions than we might have otherwise — thanks for your valuable insights.

"It's great that we can so quickly and easily get quality feedback on just about any management topic for such a low price. Keep up the excellent work."

"Congratulations on creating such a great site!"

"I've been waiting for something like softwareceo.comfor years !"

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"Your site continues to be my first stop when looking for industry resources."

"Our company uses the forum quite a bit; I work with marketing and when we find ourselves looking at each other without an answer, we say, 'Time to post a question to SoftwareCEO.'"

"I like your site very much. It has a lot to offer me, and that's tough to do for somebody who thinks he knows it all."

"softwareceo.comis a great, very
valuable resource."

"Congratulations on SoftwareCEO's wonderful success and achievements. I am sure you are very pleased and proud — deservedly so. I have a pretty good idea of the investment of time and energy you have in SoftwareCEO, and admire your commitment to quality."

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" We got a very good response rate from SoftwareCEO, and I would definitely consider utilizing your list services in the future. Thanks for your help!”

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re: membership...
" Your site is amazing, by the way! Well worth the cost of my membership. Thanks for your great work."

"Thanks! I think this is well worth the price."

"I have really enjoyed and found value in the material you sent on the CD when I became a member. In fact, the value I have gained from membership has far exceeded the cost."

" As PestPatrol grew from inception through expansion and finally acquisition, we needed expert resources to help navigate each phase. Focusing on the right things at the right times is crucial, and we found SoftwareCEO to be an excellent source of practical advice and wisdom. The membership paid for itself many times over. Keep up the good work!"

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"I signed up today and now realize what I have been missing for the past several years. I've passed your email on to several of my peers and insist they need this for their software companies if they are serious about staying in business."

"Bruce Hadley practices what he preaches on his site: phenomenal customer service, practical and tested advice from industry leaders, state of art information delivery. If I didn't feel that the office of our president has become so morally corrupt over the past few decades, I would nominate him.

"No matter how large or small your organization, this resource is invaluable. The challenge will be determining which ideas to implement for the greatest return; sometimes the amount of choice is disconcerting."

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"We have already been able to use your spreadsheets and various other info to great effect. Makes us look smart!"

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"I am pleased to be a member — it's a terrific service you offer, and I consider you to be a leader in our industry."

re: the seminars...
" That was a great class. It was refreshing to have a class that was based in the 'real' business world rather than academia. Thank you again for all of your help — it was great working with you."

"We targeted the financial services industry as a new market nearly a year ago. We were getting some traction, but without a lot of reference accounts within the industry there was a lot of hesitation on the part of the prospects even though we have significant and well-known customers in another vertical.

"After a couple of briefings, we caught the attention of a Gartner analyst who did an entire report on our technology and its applicability to the financial services industry. It has had an immediate and dramatic impact both in terms of credibility and in driving potential partners to us.

"And, as a well-deserved plug for the Software University, we attended the 'Analyst Relations' class two days prior to our first briefing with them, and I believe that the changes we made to our presentation based upon that class made a huge difference and allowed us to develop the relationship that led to the report.

"Thanks Bruce!"

re: the articles...
" Congratulations on a great bulletin and value-packed website! I've made it a habit to read all your articles and share them with my team."

"I just wanted to thank you for writing these articles and to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading them. Both articles have re-affirmed some of my own beliefs about the purpose of a whitepaper, as well as provided me with some new ideas about approaching this type of document."

"I just finished reading your new softwareceo.compiece with BitPipe and KnowledgeStorm. Brilliant! Seriously. Great material. I've highlighted the heck out of it, so I'm going to let it rest for a couple of days so I can revisit and absorb more of the information later."

"Thanks for doing what you do. We find your articles very useful."

"I enjoyed this issue very much — in fact, all issues are great with valuable information."

" Thanks so much for your article, 'Sales growth advice from software industry Inc. 500 winner Envision Telephony.'

"I just recently brought on our first direct sales rep, and this is exactly the vision and practice I've been trying to instill in him. The article backed up my thoughts, and gave me some new insights as well."

" Just wanted to say thank you for yet another very interesting SoftwareCEO edition. I recognised the Mossberg effect — we had a similar thing with a TechTV mention (and are much better prepared now to manage the serendipitous).

"Even if this is not someone's particular area of interest, I'd strongly recommend the softwareceo.comezine as just about always having something worth checking out (it's certainly one of the few which I make a point of reading)."

"Thanks, Bruce. Nice job. Very thorough and accurate. I was amazed at the length and detail of the article, and interested in all the marketing recommendations at the end."

"Just a note to let you know that 'The Mossberg Effect' was excellent. Seeing what Stilesoft was doing right and wrong, especially through the eyes and ideas of your panel of experts, provided meaningful insights and an understated but welcomed challenge to do much better.

"You have a wonderful publication. I am honored to have you sit, virtually though it may be, on my advisory board."

"Thanks for you help. Just want to tell you I love your Web site. In fact, its due to an article I read there that one of our products has a review publishing this month!"

" You are a very good writer. That was a faithful representation of what I tried to communicate. Thanks."

"You deserve a Pulitzer Prize for this one. I can't believe how you did not miss any detail. It fits together like a extraordinary Rolex."

"Isn't it a rare and wonderful thing to receive a subscription-based correspondence where there is one ultra-pertinent topic, let alone three?"

" Hadley rules — and when you say stuff, people listen. You are kind of like the E.F. Hutton of the software industry."

"Your newsletter is the only one I read now."

"I want to thank you for writing such an in-depth article on me and Adea Solutions. Over the years I have had several interviews and I can tell you with all honesty that nobody has come even remotely come close to the understanding you demonstrated in your article about our organization.

"It was refreshing to see how you were able to drill down to the underlying essence of our organization. By the way, your interview was one of the toughest I ever had as well. Great job and thank you."

"Your insights and help have again been valuable. Thank you for developing softwareceo.comand for all you bring to the industry."

" I enjoy SoftwareCEO, and as a company that has benefited over the years from our relationship with Gartner, I can tell you that your two-part series was excellent. We have a briefing coming up in three weeks, and your article offers good pointers."

"Very nice article, Bruce. Now, if you could just get it in front of about 500 non-believing pundits."

"I read your article on product management with great interest... the points that were made were right on target. It was one of the best articles I've read on the subject in a long time."

"Very timely article on successful direct mail marketing, as we are about to launch a direct mail/e-mail campaign. Thanks again for great content. Keep up the great work. It's great to have you in the business."

"I love this story. I smiled all the way through it. It validated everything I've been teaching for the last 5-10 years. How nice to see someone doing things right! Great article, Bruce."

"This is a fantastic article about cash flow! It has very useful information, but what's more important is that you really nailed the essence of the issues and put together a very compelling story. I am so impressed. The articles alone are worth more than the subscription price."

"Thanks, Bruce. I have received some good information from your site — thanks and keep up the great work!"

"You've given me a lot of good, practical insight that has been very specific to my software business issues. So, thanks for the great site!"

"I really enjoyed your article on Blue Ocean Software. The wealth of metrics and details was excellent."

"That is absolutely the most cogent, well-organized discussion of product demos anyone has ever written. I think it will be of great service to the industry, especially in terms of the types of demos you discuss and what makes an effective demo. Thanks for your thoughtful work."

"Great article!"

"softwareceo.comis the best resource I've found. I've unsubscribed from about three other newsletters (ClickZ, plus a couple of CNET and ZD pubs), and have started reading more of your articles."

"I enjoyed your interview with Jim Green. You captured the essence of what it takes to be a successful software CEO on both the technical and the business side perfectly. You also captured the essence of Jim Green and why the people who worked for him would walk through walls to make things happen."

"I was really impressed with your article about dealing with the press. All the way through, I kept thinking, "This sure beats what we did — the IPG page really ought to link to it." So I was especially flattered to see your reference to us at the end of your article. You made my day!"