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Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry. Click the links below to find various research, discussions and ideas to help you run your software business.

SoftwareCEO's Industry Research
  • Aberdeen Group
    (analysts offering free IT research)
  • AMR Research
    (analysts on enterprise software)
  • Butler Group
    (UK-based analysts on enterprise IT)
  • Ctr. for Exhibition Industry Research
    (exhibitions research/analysis)
  • Cognitiative
    (eBusiness analysis/consulting)
  • Computer Economics
    (analysts on IT value/ROI)
  • Culpepper 10% discount
    (analysts on financials/comp)
  • CyberAtlas
    (compiles Internet research)
  • Cyon Research
    (analysts on engineering IT)
  • Enderle Group
    (challenging viewpoints)
  • D.H. Brown Associates
    (analysts on core IT products)
  • Directions on Microsoft
    (analysts on Microsoft)
  • eMarketer
    (compiles Internet research)
  • Evans Data
    (analysts on software developers)
  • FedStats
    (U.S. Federal statistics)
  • Forrester Research
    (analysts on emerging IT trends)
  • Frost & Sullivan
    (analysts on vertical industries)
  • GartnerG2
    (analysts on business strategy)
  • Gartner, Inc.
    (the top IT analyst firm worldwide)
  • HR Chally Group
    (sales-focused HR advisors)
  • IDC
    (top IT analyst firm worldwide)
  • Jon Peddie Research
  • Jupiter Research
    (analysts on vertical industries)
  • NPD Techworld
    (analysts on POS data & trends)
  • New Paradigm Resources
    (analysts on POS data & trends)
  • Nua
    (free Internet trend & user data)
  • Nucleus Research
    (analysts on software ROI)
  • Saugatuck Technology
    (Research-based growth strategy)
  • SSPA Research
    (Research on service & support)
  • Statistical Resources on the Web
    (Univ. of Michigan links library)
  • StatMarket
    (web analytics & stats)
  • Strategy Analytics
    (analysts on IT convergence)
  • The451
    (emerging enterprise IT analysis)
  • Ventana Research
    (aligning IT with goals)
  • Yankee Group
    (analysts on telecom & networks)
  • ZapThink
    (analysts on XML/web services)

Relevant Blogs
  • B2B Lead Generation
    (Brian Carroll; lead generation*)
  • B2Blog
    (Dave Jung; B2B marketing*)
  • BeConnected
    (Peter Davidson; marketing, design*)
  • BeyondVC
    (Ed Sim; venture capital, technology)
  • blogs.ZDNet
    (ZDNet writers; technology)
  • BusinessPundit
    (Robert May; strategy, business*)
  • Church of the Customer
    (McConnell & Huba; customer loyalty)
  • CRM Mastery E-Journal
    (Jim Berkwitz; CRM best practices*)
  • Dana's Blog
    (Dana VanDen Heuvel; marketing*)
  • Direct Connections
    (Howard Sewell; marketing)
  • Duct Tape Marketing Weblog
    (John Jantsch; marketing, sales*)
  • Due Diligence
    (Ted Oren; tech, VCs, the Valley*)
  • Engage
    (Greg Brooks; PR, marketing*)
  • Enterprise System Spectator
    (Frank Scavo; software trends)
  • Entrepreneurial Mind
    (Jeffery Cornwall; business*)
  • Fast Company Now
    (Fast Company writers; business*)
  • Feld Thoughts
    (Brad Feld; tech business*)
  • Garth's World
    (Life of a Sales Guy and other Business Tales)
  • Fresh Inc.
    (Inc. writers; small business)
  • ITtoolbox Blogs
    (community of IT bloggers)
  • MarketCapture
    (Eran Livneh; marketing)
  • Marketing Ideas You Can Copy
    (JMR Consulting; marketing, small business)
  • Marketo
    (Modern B2B Marketing)
  • Morettini on (High Tech) Managment (Phil Morettini; marketing, business)
  • OregonStartups
    (Local info but topics are applicable to most startups)
  • Revenue Journal
    (Kristin Zhivago; marketing & sales*)
  • Search Engine Journal
    (SEJ writers; search engine news*)
  • Selling to Big Companies Blog
    (Jill Konrath; sales*)
  • Seth Godin's Blog
    (Seth Godin; marketing, branding)
  • Small Business Blog
    (Douglas Kersten; business*)
  • Small Business CEO
    (Steve Rucinski; business*)
  • Small Business Trends
    (Anita Campbell et. al.; business*)
  • SmartMarketers
    (Netline - B2B Marketers)
  • Tech Beat
    (Business Week writers; business)
  • Venture Blog
    (A. Anker, D. Hornik, K. Laws; VC*)
  • Venture Fuel
    (Paul Lavallee; software VC)
  • Virtual Handshake Blog
    (Teten & Allen; online marketing*)
  • whatsnextblog
    (B.L. Ochman; marketing*)
  • WordBiz blog
    (Debbie Weil; blogging, copywriting*)


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