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Top 10 Pitfalls of Software Globalization And How to Avoid Them

Many enterprise applications do not provide all the languages that businesses require to support employees, partners and customers. Depending on the language and software application, localization can present formidable hurdles for software vendors. Here are... More »

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Achieving Success In A Narrow Niche: How Bockyn Software's CEO Built a Business on Parks & Rec

Mike Bocker spends his professional time on the ball field, at least metaphorically. As CEO of Bockyn Software he serves a highly specialized niche: The parks and recreations departments of various municipalities. Founded... More »

Categories: Strategy and Leadership | Article's Raw Score: over 2 million | 4  Comments


Developer LogiXML Makes "Chocolate Cake" Video, Software Shoppers Gobble It Up

When a software company does something new and different in its marketing, we take notice. When that something is fun, all the better. LogiXML , a business intelligence company based in McLean, Va., sent us... More »

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Is Your Software Stuck in Transit? Electric Cloud Aims to Fast-Track Release Cycles

Electric Cloud is a software developer in the DevOps space -- meaning, the company's technology automates and accelerates software application development and delivery. Customers (build-test-release-deploy) process, enabling organizations to deliver their business-critical applications to market... More »

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Sells for $80 Million Just 11 Months After Product Release; Founder Tells How

Alex Bard is a software entrepreneur who has been part of the founding team of four internet start ups, including eShare Technologies, eAssist Global Solutions, Goowy Media and Desk ... More »

Categories: Strategy and Leadership | Article's Raw Score: over 729 thousand | 1  Comment

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