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Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution Image Anything to do with turning leads into deals: Direct and telesales, channels, distribution, management, etc.

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Why I'm Buying from John

I’m in the market for a business-to-business software product. I’m pretty far along in my buying process and I have narrowed down my choices to three vendors. I contact them all. Two of the three... More »

Website Legal Forms - Click-Wrapped Agreement Form

Is your SaaS agreement or other click-wrapped agreement or website legal form enforceable? Watch my short video to learn how to ensure that it is enforceable. Related link - Website Legal Forms . Chip More »

Website Legal Forms - Non-Disclosure Agreement

Do you use Non-Disclosure Agreements? Often called "NDAs"? Do you disclose confidential information when you discuss a future business relationship, such as a possible reseller, distributorship, or joint venture agreement? Regardless of your answers, you... More »

How to Beat Your Enemies

In your business life, you encounter several types of enemies. There are competitors, who are fighting for the same customers you’re going after, coming up against you in deals, telling those customers all about your... More »

Managing individual salespeople

Is managing salespeople one of your most difficult tasks? If so, you’re not alone. CEOs who have few problems managing people in other positions still struggle with their sales department. Part of the problem is... More »

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What's your most important sales tool when selling something complex?

I do a lot of work for B2B companies that sell really complex stuff. I interview their customers constantly. And there is no question in my mind now that THE most important sales tool is... More »

How Customers Choose a Product or Service: Debunking Common Marketing Myths - Part 2 of 4

Interviewing thousands of customers about their buying process has convinced me that while the buyer is attempting to buy something he wants, he is also determined to see through any deception or manipulation. Sellers are... More »

The FTC Slams SaaS Marketers For Deceptive Continuity Programs

Related Link - SaaS Agreement View my video here . Read my article . More »

The Identity Silver Lining for SaaS in the Enterprise Clouds

The clouds have arrived. Whether public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, enterprises are on-board with their transition to cloud. While cloud hype is still high, the move is clearly afoot and enterprises are quickly... More »

Should we be replacing salespeople with Buyer Support Reps?

Continuous interviews of buyers have convinced me that buyers have become so successful in creating their own "recommendation engine communities" that they are now able to learn just about everything they need to know about... More »

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